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Monday, August 25, 2014

Burning Man Is Closed

WHAT?!? That is what the local sheriff at the corner said. A huge rainstorm flooded the playa (which means: dry lake bed) making it impassable and bringing the festival to a wet halt. I was lucky- on this end of town I was sent back to Fernley. Those on the other side (literally the other side of the street) were being sent back to Reno. The plan? Camp at the local Walmart with a couple hundred others for 20 hours or so until the playa dries out. Bonus: we get to watch the locals circle us in their cars and take photos of 'the wierdo's'. Really. What fun can be had watching the yoga group, listening to the drum circle, checking out the group playing 'pass the bottle', and debating on whether the T@B is a real camper or an art installation of some kind? Bbq cookers are going and some guys are playing a form of Star Trek cornhole with bloody tribbles as sand bags. All this and more happening at the local Walmart free for your evenings entertainment. I wonder what the folks are doing that got stuck on the Piute tribal lands... Here are a couple of shots out the T@B portholes. Did I mention that it rained for an hour here too?

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  1. I read about this on Yahoo this morning and wondered where you holed up last evening! Have a great Burn and I look forward to reading all about it!!